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Hub Engagement Kits


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These are the small parts that live inside our rear hubs and freehub bodies.  We have used two different engagement systems over the years, an older 24 tooth system and a newer/current 48 tooth system.  Mixing 24T pawls with 48T ratchet rings (and vice versa) will cause severe damage to your hub!  Refer to the technical documents below to help you figure out which system you have. (Hint: count the number of “clicks” in 1 rotation of your freehub or count the teeth on the ratchet ring)


  • All parts only work with White Industries hubs
  • Each “system” is made up of 3 pawls, 3 springs, and a matching ratchet ring
    • Pawls and springs fit into pockets on the freehub body (freehub bodies will accept either style of pawl)
    • Ratchet ring threads into the hub shell
  • Pawl and spring kits come with 3 pawls and 3 springs
  • Ratchet ring kits come with a ratchet ring, 3 matching pawls, and 3 springs
  • Springs are sold individually


  • Pawls come in 24T or 48T styles
  • Springs work on both 24T and 48T systems
  • Ratchet rings come in 24T or 48T styles
  • Ratchet rings can be replaced or swapped with a tool (see Tools>Hub Ratchet Ring Removal Tools page)
    • Part # RRINGTL24 for 24T rings
    • Part # RRINGTL48 for 48T rings
    • No tool needed for installation (rings thread in by hand and “seat/tighten” with pedaling force)
  • Any hub we ever made with a 24T system will be compatible with the 24T pawl kits
  • The very first hubs we made (the “Ti Cassette) will work with the current 24T pawl kit, but not the 24t ratchet ring (different threads)
  • We do not recommend swapping ratchet rings on old hubs (10+ years) unless the ring is damaged

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