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Freewheel Lockrings


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Please read the information below before ordering.  Lockrings are specific to freewheel model and size.  Not all colors are compatible with all freewheels!


  • Can I swap my current lockring for a different color?
    • No.  Each freewheel size/model uses a specific lockring that will not fit other freewheel models and sizes
      • Blue: 16T ENO single, 16/18 and 16/19 DOS ENO double
      • Green: Trials 18T, 20T, 22T
      • Red: 17T-23T ENO single, 17/19 DOS ENO double and 20/22 DOS ENO double


  • Park SPA-2 pin spanner with .090”/2.3mm pins (this is the red one)
  • Lockrings are reverse threaded



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