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Freewheel Bearings


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Our freewheel bearings are Enduro brand chromium steel and use a special Mobil XHP222 extra high pressure grease. While it is possible to replace only the bearings in our freewheels, keep in mind that if you are purchasing a new outer gear that it will come with a new bearing installed.



Freewheel Model Enduro Bearing  Inside/Outside/Width (mm) ABEC Rating/Material
16 single (blue) BB67082RS-6W  40x50x6 3/chromium steel
17-23 single (red) 6808 40x52x7 3/chromium steel
18, 20, 22 trials (green) 6808 40x52x7 3/chromium steel
16/18 & 16/19 DOS (blue) BB67082RS-6W 40x50x6 3/chromium steel
17/19 & 20/22 DOS (red) 6808 40x52x7 3/chromium steel




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