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Single Freewheels


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In 2002 Doug White decided the world needed a better freewheel.  Until then singlespeeders seemed to be content not knowing if their freewheel would last a week or a year, or fail a mile away from home or hundreds of miles. But what was certain was failure. Overnight the ENO freewheel became the standard to measure everything else against.

Starting with a driver made from heat treated 4130 steel that houses 3 heat treated S7 tool steel pawls (6 on the Trials model), we add an 8620 steel case-hardened and electroless nickel-plated outer gear turning on an Enduro chromium steel bearing.  We basically designed all the weak links out of the system.  And because everything wears out eventually, we designed them to be rebuildable.

ENO single and DOS ENO double freewheels feature 36 points of engagement while the Trials freewheels utilize a thicker outer gear (the base, not the teeth) and 72 points of engagement.

Our freewheel bearings are ABEC 3 or 5 grade depending on freewheel type, are made from chromium steel, and use a special Mobil XHP222 extra high pressure grease.  

Note: All freewheels can use either 3/32” or ⅛” chains except 16T ENO single and all DOS ENO double freewheels (see FAQ below)

23T freewheels discontinued on 3/10/2022



  • Can I swap my lockring for a different color? 
    • No.  Each freewheel size/model uses a specific lockring which we anodize a different color to make identification easier.
      • Blue: 16T ENO single, 16/18 and 16/19 DOS ENO double
      • Red: 17T-23T ENO  single, 17/19 DOS and 20/22 DOS ENO double
      • Green: Trials 18T, 20T, 22T


  • Why can’t I run an ⅛” chain on the 16T freewheel? 
    • Because of the size of the driver and the bearings inside the gear, we are limited in how small we can make the diameter of the base of the gear.  On the 16T you’ll notice a groove machined on the base next to the teeth which is needed to clear even a 3/32” chain.  For an ⅛” chain that groove would need to be a bit deeper to allow the chain to fully seat down on the teeth but we can’t make the groove deeper without sacrificing the strength of the gear.  Running an ⅛” chain will prematurely wear out the chain and gear.


  • Why can’t I run an ⅛” chain on DOS freewheel?
    • Because there’s not enough room in between the teeth for the wider ⅛” chains.


  • I’m a big/burly/fast rider.  Will I break the standard freewheel and should I go with a Trials instead?
    • The standard freewheels are really, really tough and we haven’t seen an issue with failure on big/burly/fast riders. The main reason people want the Trials version is for the increased engagement (72 points vs 36 points).


  • Can I rebuild my White Industries freewheel?
    • You bet.  We sell the outer gears (they come with the bearing installed), bearings, pawls, springs, drivers, seals and lockrings if needed (did we leave anything out?).  Basically, we’ll sell you whatever parts you need to get your freewheel working again.
      • See Parts>Freewheel Parts 



  • Threads: 1.375” x 24TPI
  • ENO single and DOS ENO double freewheels have 3 pawls and 36 points of engagement
  • Trials freewheels have 6 pawls and 72 points of engagement
  • Lockring colors:
    • Blue: 16T single, 16/18 DOS and 16/19 DOS
    • Red: 17T-22T single
    • Green: Trials 18T, 20T, 22T
  • Freewheel measurements for chainline calculations:
    • All freewheels are 18.4mm wide
    • On ENO single freewheels (standard and Trials) center of teeth are 9mm from the inner base of the threads
    • On ENO DOS double freewheels inside teeth are 6.1mm from the inner base of the threads and the outside teeth are 11.8mm from the base. Teeth are 5.7mm apart center to center


  • White Industries part #FWTOOLE  4-prong freewheel remover tool
    • Needed when removing our freewheels from our ENO ECC (eccentric) hubs
    • Works on our freewheel on standard axle hubs
    • Works on other freewheels with 4-prong tool interface
  • Park FR-6 4-prong freewheel remover tool will work on our freewheels mounted on standard (non-eccentric) hubs
  • Park SPA-2 (the red one) pin spanner needed to remove the freewheel lockring 



Freewheel Model Enduro Bearing  Inside/Outside/Width (mm) ABEC Rating/Material
16 single (blue) BB67082RS-6W  40x50x6 3/chromium steel
17-23 single (red) 61808 40x52x7 5/chromium steel
18, 20, 22 trials (green) 61808 40x52x7 5/chromium steel
16/18 & 16/19 DOS (blue) BB67082RS-6W 40x50x6 3/chromium steel
17/19 & 20/22 DOS (red) 61808 40x52x7 5/chromium steel




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