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E-Bike Freewheels


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Designed for E-Bikes that untilize a “Bottom Bracket Drive” system where the freewheel mounts to the motor output shaft.  This freewheel requires a 5-bolt 67mm BCD “cog” to be mounted to it.  We do not make the “cogs” or any other parts required for these systems.


  • 5-bolt pattern
  • 67mm BCD (Bolt Circle Diamteter)
  • Threads: Right hand 1.375” x 24TPI
  • Completely rebuildable
  • Driver made from heat treated 4130 steel
  • 3 heat treated S7 tool steel pawls
  • 36 points of engagement
  • Electroless nickel-plated outer gear
  • Enduro chromium steel bearing with Mobil XHP222 extra high pressure grease
  • Blue lockring only


  • White Industries part #FWTOOLE  4-prong freewheel remover tool
    • Works on other freewheels with 4-prong tool interface
  • Park FR-6 4-prong freewheel remover tool will work on our freewheels
  • Park SPA-2 (the red one) pin spanner needed to remove the freewheel lockring


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