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Freewheel Outer Gears


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When we designed our freewheels we intentionally made them rebuildable rather than disposable.  If you ride a lot, eventually you are going to need a new outer gear.  We recommend replacing your chain when replacing your outer gear because worn out chains don’t usually work well with new outer gears.  Please read all the information below to make sure you choose the correct replacement gear for your freewheel.


    • Made from electroless nickel-plated 8620 case-hardened steel
    • Comes with an Enduro chromium steel bearing installed
    • ENO single and DOS ENO freewheels feature 36 points of engagement
    • Trials freewheels utilize a thicker outer gear (the base, not the teeth) and 72 points of engagement
    • Bearings are ABEC 3 or 5 grade depending on freewheel type, are made from chromium steel, and use a special Mobil XHP222 extra high pressure grease
    • It’s a good idea to also purchase a new seal and O-ring when replacing your outer gear (Freewheel Seals Page)
  • Note: All freewheels can use either 3/32” or ⅛” chains except ENO 16T single and all DOS ENO freewheels which require a 3/32″ chains
  • 16/19 DOS ENO double freewheels and outer gears discontinued on 3/10/2022


If you are replacing your outer freewheel gear with the same model and number of teeth you currently have, just choose the matching part from the dropdown menu.  Easy!  If you are wanting to swap your current outer gear to a different model and/or number of teeth, keep reading…. 

As you can see from the chart below, all ENO single and DOS ENO double freewheels use the same “diver”.  That means all the outer gears used on both those models are interchangeable.  But note that if you swap to an outer gear with a different number of teeth, you may have to also replace your lockring with one that is compatible with your new outer gear.  Basically, if you’re changing to or from an outer gear with 16 teeth, you’ll need a new lockring.   Those are available under Parts>Freewheel Parts>Freewheel Lockrings.

Trials freewheels use a different driver and a thicker outer gear than the other models, and each of the three outer gears are interchangeable.

Freewheel Model

Lockring color

Driver Type





Standard 36 point engagement, 3 pawls

ENO 17T – 23T


DOS ENO 16/18 and 16/19


DOS ENO 17/19 and 20/22


Trails 18T, 20T, 22T


Trials 72 point engagement, 6 pawls

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