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Press Fit 86/92 Bottom Bracket


SKU: BBI30-BB8692


This BB is designed for 30mm spindle cranks installed into press fit style BB86 and BB92 bottom bracket shells that have an internal diameter of 41mm. They have a 30mm ID bearing to work with our MARG30 series cranks as well as many other manufacturers that use 30mm spindles. Bearings are Enduro stainless steel double row and the kit includes (2x) 1mm spindle spacers.

  • 30mm White Industries cranks
    • Use 1x 1mm spacer (either side) with R30 and G30 cranks on 86mm shells (92mm shells are too wide)
    • Use 2x 1mm spacers (1 on each side) with M30 and A30 cranks on 92mm shells
      • On 86mm shells, add one 2.5mm spacer on each side for a total of 3.5mm on each side

Keep in mind when calculating for compatibility that “86” bottom bracket shells actually measure 86.5mm and “92” shells actually measure 91.5mm. For descriptions they are normally referred to as just “86” or “92” shells. When in doubt, start with fewer spacers than you think you need so you don’t crush and destroy your bearings!

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2.125 in

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