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Internal T47 Bottom Bracket


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T47 is a bottom bracket standard that White Industries helped develop in 2016. The “T” stands for “threaded” and the “47” is the approximate outside thread diameter of the cup, in millimeters. T47 bottom bracket cups are not compatible with the much smaller BSA threaded BB shells.  The “internal” designation on this bottom bracket refers to the fact that the bearings sit “inboard” of 86mm and 92mm wide bottom bracket shells, as opposed to our “external” T47 bottom brackets where the bearings sit “outboard” of 68mm and 73mm wide bottom bracket shells.  If you have a 68mm or 73mm wide T47 bottom bracket shell on your frame, you will need one of our “external” T47 bottom brackets to work with our 30mm M/A/R/G cranks.

White Industries internal T47 style bottom brackets are made here in our shop with U.S. sourced 6061-T6 aluminum and feature Enduro stainless steel bearings or Enduro XD-15 ceramic bearings where available.  We offer them with four different bearing sizes to help you fit your favorite crank to your favorite bike.


  • Comes in four bearing sizes to fit:
    • 30mm White Industries M/A/R/G cranks as well as other brands of 30mm spindle cranks
    • 29mm SRAM DUB cranks
    • 24mm Shimano HollowTech II cranks
    • GXP 22mm/24mm cranks – discontinued
  • Dust seals included with all models
    • Seals should sit directly against the bearings, with the part numbers (molded into the seal) facing out
  • Internal BB sleeve part #BBSLV available under Parts>Bottom Bracket Parts


  • 47mm x 1mm threads (“T47” threads)
  • Designed to be used on 86mm or 92mm wide bottom bracket shells
  • Weight/pr (with bearings and seals)
    • 30mm: 79g
    • 29mm: 87g
    • 24mm: 98g

Cup Dimensions, Spacers and Bearing Info

  • 30mm White Industry cranks
    • No spacers needed with R30 and G30 cranks on 86mm shells (92mm shells are too wide)
    • No spacers needed with M30 and A30 cranks on 92mm shells
      • On 86mm shells, use one 2.5mm T47 cup spacer on each side

See the chart below for the “OBW” (Outer Bearing Width) of each bottom bracket and compare that to the allowed OBW for your crank (ask the crank manufacturer for this, not us!).  Most cranks these days have an adjustable bearing preload collar on them that can accommodate slightly wider/narrower OBW’s than their target number, but again, you’ll need to check with your particular crank’s manufacturer.  When in doubt, start with fewer spacers than you think you need so you don’t crush and destroy your bearings!

  • If the allowed OBW of your crank is less than the OBW of our bottom bracket, our bottom bracket will not work (it’s too wide for the crank)
  • If the allowed OBW of your crank is more than the OBW of our bottom bracket, our bottom bracket will work but you may need spacers

How many spacers?

  • Other brands of 30mm cranks
    • Compare the allowed OBW of the crank to our bottom bracket OBW
  • 29mm SRAM DUB cranks
    • Using SRAM’s charts, look at the T47 row, find your shell width (86mm or 92mm), find your crank model, then see what spacers they require
    • Our cups w/seals add 2mm in overall width (1mm for each cup/side) compared to SRAM DUB BB cups, so subtract 1mm from each side of SRAM’s spacer numbers
      • If SRAM calls for no (zero) outer/spindle spacers on the non-drive side (left), you may have to subtract 2mm from the drive side (right) to make things fit
          • Ex: If SRAM calls for 3mm of spacer on the right and zero on the left, run 1mm on the right and zero on the left.
  • 24mm Shimano HollowTech II cranks
    • Our cups are the same width (each) as Shimano road BB cups
    • Our cups are 1mm wider (each) than Shimano mountain BB cups but are compatible with Shimano mountain cranks


Internal T47 BB Model

Spindle Diameter Fits Cranks Cup Width (w/seals) Outside to Outside Bearing Width on BB Shells (w/seals) Enduro Stainless Steel Bearing

Enduro XD-15 Ceramic Bearing



(86.5mm/91.5mm actual)



BBI306873T47 – discontinued

(short spindle) 30mm SRAM “short spindle” or FSA 386 EVO 0.0mm

(outside of bearing is flush with outside of BB shell)


(For use with SRAM “short spindle” cranks only)


(For use with FSA 386 EVO cranks only)

6806 6806 6806XD



30mm White Industries MR30 Etc. 2.5mm NA 91.5mm/96.5mm 6806 6806 6806XD



29mm SRAM DUB 3mm NA 92.5mm/97.5mm 6806/29 6806/29 6806/29XD



24mm Shimano HollowTech II Etc. 2.5mm NA 91.5mm/96.5mm 2437 2437 2437XD


BBI22T47 – discontinued

22mm/24mm stepped SRAM GXP Left: 3mm

Right: 2.5mm

NA 92mm/97mm 22378 2437 N/A 2437XD



BBI22T47 T47 threads, internal cups, GXP spindles 16 notch/52.2mm

Abbey OSB “TT”

Enduro TorqTite spanner

BBI24T47 T47 threads, internal cups,

24mm spindles

16 notch/52.2mm

Abbey OSB “TT”

Park BBT-47

Enduro BBT-025

Enduro TorqTite spanner

BBI29T47 T47 threads, internal cups, 

29mm spindles

16 notch/52.2mm

Abbey OSB “TT”

*Park BBT-47

*Enduro BBT-025

Enduro TorqTite spanner


BBI308692T47 –


T47 threads, internal cups,

30mm spindles

16 notch/52.2mm

Abbey OSB “TT”

Park BBT-47

Enduro BBT-025

Enduro TorqTite spanner

*  The bearing “pilot” on these tools is smaller than the bearing on this bottom bracket so the tool will work but will function like a socket-type tool, without the added stability of the bearing pilot


  • Cups on frame: 26-37 ft lbs (35-50 Nm)

Techical Documents

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
BB Spindle Diameter

24mm, 29mm, 30mm

BB Shell Width

68mm/73mm, 86mm/92mm

Bearing Type