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Crank Bolts


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Just in case you damage your current bolts or lose them, we offer replacements for both our ENO/Square Taper road and MARG30 cranks.

  • Sold individually!
    • See Crank Washers page for washer requirements and placement
  • Specs:
    • Square taper bolts have an M8 x 1mm x 14mm thread
    • MR30 bolts have an M18 x 1mm x 14mm thread
  • Tools:
    • Square taper: 8mm hex bit socket
    • MARG30: 10mm hex bit socket
  • Torque
    • MARG30 crank arms: 35-40 ft lbs (48-54 Nm)
    • ENO/Square Taper Road crank arms: 30 ft lbs (40 Nm)
    • We recommend retorquing arms after the first ride


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