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Bottom Bracket Bearing Removal Tool


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This two-piece tool was designed as a more affordable way to remove 29mm and 30mm bottom bracket bearings from BSA, T47, and PF30 bottom bracket cups.  Currently your options are either invest in an elaborate bearing puller and all the appropriate little pieces to fit each specific bearing, or use a screwdriver to knock your bearings out and probably gouge the inside of your cups.  This tool does not require any other removal tools beyond either a rubber mallet, a bench vice, or an arbor type press.  BSA cups with 29mm or 30mm bearings are notoriously hard to disassemble because there is almost zero clearance between the I.D. of the cup and I.D. of the bearing.  But you already knew that, which is why you’re reading this.  So invest in the correct tool for the job!


  • Made here in our shop from U.S. sourced anodized 6061-T6 aluminum
  • “Set” includes Bearing Pilot and Receiver Cup
    • Pieces sold separately in case you just need one or the other and not the set
  • Bearing Pilot fits 29mm or 30mm I.D. bearings
    • Will work with 24mm bearings but the Pilot will sit on the bearing face, not inside the inner race
  • Receiver Cup fits 44mm or 46mm O.D. BB cups
  • At least one bottom bracket cup needs to be removed to use the tool
    • We recommend removing both cups for cleaning and ease of bearing removal
  • Can be used with a rubber mallet, bench vise, arbor type press, or bearing presses that have an 8mm (5/16″) screw/rod
  • This is not a bottom bracket cup removal tool!


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