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ENO Eccentric ISO Disc Caliper Adapter




If you’ve arrived at this page you either got lost, you can’t sleep, or you’re really into singlespeeds. We will assume the latter and carry on accordingly. If you’re planning on purchasing or already own a White Industries ENO ECC disc rear hub, you might need this adapter to allow your disc caliper to be adjusted so your brake continues to work properly.

As the ENO ECC hub moves through its eccentric adjustment, your brake rotor is also moving along the same path and can cause a situation where the rotor is either too close to (and possibly hitting) the caliper, or too far away to retain proper pad/rotor contact. This adaptor allows you to adjust the caliper along the same eccentric path as the hub to achieve the correct caliper position.

NOTE: In some situations you may not need this adaptor and you’ll find that just by luck your caliper and rotor end up in a position that works fine.

Additional information

Weight 1.75 oz
Dimensions 2 × 4 × 1.75 in