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ENO Eccentric Disc


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The ENO ECC hub has long been synonymous with the White Industries brand and remains a sought after item despite the death of single-speeding years ago.  “ENO” is “ONE” spelled backwards, the result of a machining program mistake that ended up looking kinda cool.  The “ECC” stands for “eccentric” axle.  That eccentric axle allows you to convert your vertical dropout frame to singlespeed, offering 20mm of total fore-aft adjustment.

Made from U.S. sourced 6061-T6 aluminum, it takes a standard threaded freewheel and a 6 bolt disc rotor.  No flip-flopping this hub for obvious reasons (but we’ll say it anyway: there’s a disc rotor on the other side).     

NOTE: You may need to also purchase theENO Eccentric ISO Disc Caliper Adapter” (Part # ECCALMOUNT). As the ENO ECC hub moves through its eccentric adjustment, your brake rotor is also moving along the same path and can cause a situation where the rotor is either too close to (and possibly hitting) the caliper or too far away to retain proper pad/rotor contact.  This adaptor allows you to get the caliper back where it belongs.



  • U.S. made 6061-T6 aluminum
  • 20mm of total fore/aft adjustment
  • Enduro ABEC 5 bearings
  • Stainless M8 x 1.25mm axle bolts w/10mm stainless axle washers
  • Compatible with 6-bolt style disc rotors
  • May require ENO Eccentric ISO Disc Caliper Adapter
    • Part # ECCALMOUNT
  • Requires White Industries freewheel tool to remove the freewheel
    • Part # FWTOOL


  • 388g
  • 28H, 32H, and 36H drillings
  • Axle: eccentric 135mm bolt-on
  • Chainline: 48mm
  • Distance from freewheel seat to axle end: 29mm
  • Freewheel threads: ISO 1.370” x 24TPI


  • 2x Enduro ABEC 5 6902-2RS

Wheelbuilding specs

  • Spoke hole diameter
    • 2.6mm

Left flange diameter

Right flange diameter Center to left flange

Center to right flange


60mm 32mm


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