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Copy of T11WI




the T11

Our lightest weight hubset designed specifically for road bikes.  We engineered the T11 hubset to be light without sacrificing durability.  In today's market there is a demand for light weight components.  We understand the market, and, yet, we also understand that quality of craftsmanship, design, and engineering are also vital in producing a product that will stand the test of time.  When designing the rear hub shell we decided upon a high/low flange which allows for better spoke tension when dishing a wheel that is spaced to 130mm.  The hub design maximizes aerodynamic efficiency - always a goal for road riders.  Unique to the T11 is our titanium freehub body in a choice of Shimano or Campy configurations.  Titanium, we feel, is the best choice for the freewheel application since it is nearly as light as aluminum and has the equivalent strength to many forms of steel.  The rear hub is 11 speed compatible and, with provided spacer, can be run with 9 and 10 speed systems. 


T11 Front

Shell: 6061 aluminum

Axle: 12mm aluminum

  • 9mm qr

Bearings: two:  6901-2rs

O.L.D.: 100mm

Weight: 92 grams

Finish: polished silver, black, blue, red, gold, pink, or purple anodized

Spoke Hole Drilling: 16h, 18h, 20h, 24h, 28h, 32h

US MSRP Silver: $137.50       Black: $144.50 

                 All Other colors: $157.50

T11 Rear

Shell: 6061 aluminum

Axle: 15mm cro-mo

  • 10mm qr

Freehub body: 6al4v Titanium 11 speed

 9/10 speed compatible when used with included spacer

  • Shimano

  •  Campy



  • Shimano: three: 6902-2rs, one: 3802W (or two 6802)

  • Campy:  two: 6902-2rs, two: 3802W  (or four 6802)

O.L.D.: 130mm

Weight: 252 grams

Finish: polished silver, black, red, blue, gold, pink,  or purple anodized

Spoke Hole Drilling: 20h, 24h, 28h, 32h, 36h

US MSRP Silver: $323       Black: $330

                     All Other colors: $343

freehub bodys

Wheel Building Specs

Hub Instructions