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the VBC

VBC is an acronym for Variable Bolt Circle. The beauty of VBC rings is they allow you to set up various tooth configurations to get the gear ratio you desire. 

The outer ring is designed with a slotted section and the inner five bolt ring is self centering allowing more options when compared to traditional crank designs with set bolt circle requirements. We recommend at least a ten tooth difference between the outer gear and the inner gear and a maximum of 24 teeth. The VBC rings can be configured with an off road ratio and mated to your mountain bike, or a configure a suitable ratio for road riding. It is Compatible with 9, 10 and 11 speed.

Made in the USA


VBC specs

Compatible with:

  • Square Taper cranks


  • 7075 aluminium


  • black

chain ring sizes:

  • Inner ring:  24- 38 even increments

    Outer ring: 38-52 even increments

    Recommended at least a 10 tooth differential between the inner and outer ring and a maximum difference of 24 teeth 

Price Range: $174-187 

Crank Compatibility

Chain ring Clearances

VBC install instructions