Can I convert my hub to 11 speed?  

Only the T11,  H3, and CX11 hub models are compatible with the 11 speed Shimano and Campy cassette systems.  

The SRAM XX1 system can be used to convert any of the 9 and 10 speed systems to the XX1 11 speed system.  

Can I convert my White Industries disc hub to an alternative spacing?  

No, the hub shell is designed with an offset specific to the spacing of the hub.  If your hub was originally designed to be run as 130mm, then  you must run it as a 130mm spaced hub.  If 135mm, then only with a 135mm spaced hub.  The only exception is if you are converting to a 142mm x 12mm thru axle which is designed to run with the 135mm designed hub shell.

There are two different over lock nut dimension for building the T11 rear hubs:

For clarification, the first T11 production runs in Sept / Oct / Nov 2012 had and offset of 38 (left) and 16 (right).  After receiving some feeback from our dealer base, we made modifications to the rear T11 and moved the flanges.  All models made after Dec 2012 have an offset of 35 (left) and 18(right)  The flange diameters remain the same.  Whether you have the earlier version or the later version, when calculating spoke lengths, the overall length on either side is the same.